Selectra offers a range of innovative, flexible solutions that promptly answer to its customers' needs with maximum professionalism, celerity and fairness.



Selectra offers a range of innovative, flexible solutions that promptly answer to its customers’ needs with maximum professionalism, celerity and fairness.



Flexibility and Customized Solutions

We think in relation to our customers’ needs. BIG.
Selectra offers its customers turn-key solutions, at the highest standards, adapted to the most demanding requirements, with guaranteed results: efficiency, exceptional quality and complete success. Our solutions are centered on high availability and flexibility, in order to ensure maximum compatibility with customers’ businesses.


We bring creativity in everything we do. Selectra was created to offer intelligent energy solutions. Our people are well-known for creativity and their capacity to find innovative solutions.


We believe that innovation and added value emerge in an open environment. The company’s activity is permanently aimed towards innovation, in order to generate economic value.


We put quality first and make sure our solutions fully respond to customers’ requirements.


We believe that a company’s success largely depends on its employees’ professionalism. The secret ingredient of Selectra “network” is our people’s high professional skills and experience.


We do not content ourselves with average standards. We are seeking excellence in everything we do and we have discovered that this is possible only through the work of dedicated people. At Selectra, excellence means exceptional performance and results.



We are looking to create a pool of expertise for our field of activity.
Thus Selectra’s people have:

  • Very good knowledge of international standards for the energy sector;
  • In-depth understanding of energy markets’ functioning, rules and mechanisms;
  • Proven experience in developing and implementing energy solutions;
  • Excellent software development skills;
  • Business education and high entrepreneurial spirit.


We work with a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel, comprising engineers with relevant background in energy sector, in areas like: engineering, metering, design, communication, software development, as well as commercial specialists and business developers.

Software Solutions

We have legal rights on all our software solutions developed in-house by our Applied R&D professional team.

Collaborative Work with Our Clients

All our work is based on strong collaboration with our clients. We deliver at our best by fully understanding the clients’ needs, their business constraints and market regulations.


Based on our business relationships with representative companies, we are able to use, customize and integrate applications and equipment and to provide our clients with complex energy solutions.

Financial Resources

Our financial resources allow us to sustain the future plans and growth of the company.